No questions ever come up during a lecture, but the interim examination shows that students have not grasped the material. Does this sound familiar? It can be hard to interact with students during a lecture, especially online. You can use Wooclap to ensure interaction between you and your students and also amongst the students themselves. 

NB: all AUAS employees can use their AUAS ID to log into Wooclap via Surfconext. There is no need to create a separate account.


Wooclap has many options for involving students actively in lectures. This can be done through: 

  1. quizzes with various question types (multiple-choice questions, polls, fill in the blank, find on image, open questions, sorting questions, etc.); 
  2. asking students for their response; 
  3. a ‘word cloud’ to inventory responses and/or to visualise a brainstorm; 
  4. the ‘I’m confused’ button, a low-threshold way for students to indicate they need additional explanation. 

Watch this video to get an idea in one minute of what Wooclap adds to your lecture: 


Didactic tips

Interaction with your students and among students is important for the learning process. This serves several goals: 

  • Testing whether everyone has grasped the material. The big advantage of testing comprehension via a tool like Wooclap over assigning someone in the class is that all students have to respond and you see all the answers. This way you test whether everyone has understood the topic.
  • testing prior knowledge – students gain insight into their own learning process through practice questions; 
  • learning from each other – students learn from each other by explaining the material in their own words; 
  • testing understanding – the lecturer can use quiz questions to explain frequently encountered misconceptions; 
  • checking in and out – the lecturer can gauge the group’s sentiments.