ICT help

Many ICT services are provided by the central ICT department of the HvA, ICT Services. This includes basic ICT services, such as e-mail and WiFi, but this department also orders hardware and software from (contracted) suppliers at the request of faculty ICT contacts. If you have any questions about HvA-wide ICT services, you can contact ICT Services on telephone number +31 (0)20 595 1402, via the ICT Services Self-service portal en by e-mail at servicedesk-icts@hva.nl.

Do you have an ICT problem in a classroom? Then please contact the Facility Services department (020 595 1403).

In addition to the services of ICT Services, you can contact the Information Management (IM) department of FDMCI for information about the applications listed below. Depending on the application, IM is available for substantive questions, requests for functionalities and/or courses. You can also contact one of the key users.

Applications that are part of the DLO:

  • Brightspace
  • CodeGrade
  • FeedbackFruits
  • FeedPulse
  • Grasple
  • Wooclap

Applications that are part of Microsoft 365:

  • Bookings
  • Power Apps
  • Sharepoint (MijnHvA)
  • Teams

Other educational applications:

  • Adobe
  • LinkedIn Learning
  • Miro
  • OnStage
  • Reflex Online
  • TeleForm
  • TransIP

In addition:

  • IM offers a wide range of ICT and AV resources via our lending desk.
  • IM is available for questions about privacy & security.
  • IM offers advice in the area of ICT and AV resources.
  • IM purchases hardware and software that fits within the ICT budget.
  • In its role as ICT contact person, IM passes on requests to ICT Services.

Request a new application

Are you thinking of using a new software in your education? Then contact Information Management FDMCI as soon as possible via this form. They advise and support you in the purchase and use of software. It is easy and often seems innocent to use a free software in a module. But many of the suppliers of this free software have a business model based on for example selling customer data for advertisements, which is against the AVG legislation. It is usually possible to reach a solution together with a supplier, but this takes time. Therefore, contact us in time.

More info

For more information and questions, please visit the Self-service portal Information Management FDMCI. You will find an overview of our services per application and the corresponding key users.